Multiplayer: the reboot

1Throwing rocket-wielding mechs, acrobatic assassins and sprinklings of sci-fi into one big FPS pot, Respawn’s long-awaited shooter, Titanfall, is finally here. It was created by a crack team of some of the industry’s most respected developers, is backed by a huge advertising campaign courtesy of publishing juggernaut EA, and is hotly tipped to be the saviour of Microsoft’s Xbox One sales. Oh, and there’s no single player content anywhere to be found.

With the likes of Bungie’s online-only shooter, Destiny, out later this year, big budget gaming’s fascination with multiplayer isn’t going away anytime soon. With even the most plot-driven of single player games now coming with their own online components, it’s easy to wonder if multiplayer gaming is about to get a swish new reboot and leave single player content behind. As long as it’s better than the new Total Recall. Read More

The Generation Game

1aThat’s it, boys and girls. The generation’s finally over. Pick up those dusty old 360s, Wiis and PS3s, lock them in the cupboard and walkaway.They’re so mid-noughties. It’s time for a new wave of sexy consoles to crash the party and take pride of place on your TV stand.

But before you pack your trusty hardware away to gather dust until Auntie Gladys fancies a go on SingStar, let’s remember the good times – and there have been plenty of those. Here’s a list of my favourite games to grace consoles since I picked up my 360 back in 2005 with Perfect Dark Zero. Will Rare’s classic shooter make the list? Let’s find out! (No) Read More

Protect Natalya: The highs and lows of the escort mission

1aProtect Natalya. Two words that will send shivers down the spines of any N64 fan worth their salt. GoldenEye might be rightly hailed as a landmark moment for shooters, but it’s also responsible for one of the most infuriating gaming companions of all time. Natalya’s a Level 2 Programmer for the Russian Space Forces, so you’d be forgiven for thinking she might’ve noticed someone emptying a rifle into the back of her head. Turns out she was quite happy to stand idly by like she’s queuing up for a scratch card as pixilated blood poured all over her fancy 90s keyboard.

GoldenEye wasn’t the first, but poor old Nat has opened the floodgates for countless dim-witted sidekicks ever since. Resident Evil, God of War, Metal Gear Solid and countless others have all tried their hands at fixing one of gaming’s most frustrating tropes, only to get stuck in a doorway, clip through the floor and fall into a never-ending abyss. Read More

Swan Song Gaming

Seven years. That’s how long it’s been since the Xbox 360 made its triumphant arrival and our current console generation officially kicked off. That’s all the way back in 2005. We could have swallowed a fistful of chewing gum the day it was announced and still had plenty of time to squeeze it through our digestive tract.

With Nintendo’s Wii U already on shelves, the PlayStation 4 on the horizon and a new Xbox following closely behind, our focus is already starting to shift from the warm and friendly to the new and shiny. One of the longest console generations ever may have finally started to drag, but don’t leave it behind – there’s still life left in the old dog yet. In fact, this year could end up being the best 12 months we’ve had since 2005’s heady days of Lost and Kelly Clarkson. Read More